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Sarkis Mikael is a global ambassador for deep house music based in Los Angeles, and has taken crowds from Miami to Dubai on journeys of physical abandon and inner discovery via his thumping, therapeutic, globally-influenced rhythms and melodies. 

As founder of Deep House LA, founder and audio mastering engineer of Deep Dynamix, and co-founder of the Beatport top-five label NCTRNL, Sarkis has worked to establish a foundational community for deep house through his conviction that the right beats and the right state of mind can heal and transform us. 

Sarkis’ releases on Underyourskin, Dream Culture, TRNDMSK, and other labels of note touch dance music’s subterranean reaches, drawing out the listener’s emotional core through organic instrumentation and synthetic exploration– and his live sets demonstrate deep house’s potential to create community through the movement of sweating bodies and the connection between open minds.