It was in 2013 that duchess came into contact with deep house music through the Los Angeles underground nightlife scene. Two years into experimenting various styles behind the decks, duchess went to school for production and eventually begun releasing mixtapes of her own. A combination of deep house and techno. Self-taught, inspired by Burning Man, Icelandic artists GusGus and Danish producer Be Svendsen, the mixtapes took off and she started playing her first gigs in LA at parties such as Deep Space LA, Clinic, Bukhaus, and Lighting in a Bottle festival.

“Music has always been a huge part of my life. There’s nothing better than being able to channel my European state of mind through my sets and my tracks. For me personally, it’s all about creating emotion, not just to make people dance, but to make them and myself feel something, that is the goal. The emotional realm of melodies is the reason why I do what I do.”